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Alcoholic drinks were consumed in larger quantities in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries than in the twentieth century, although there has been a recent increase from the historical low of 1930-60. Beer, spirits and wines once provided at least 2 MJ (nearly 500 kcal) per person per day compared with 0.67 MJ (160 kcal) in 1975, towards an average(More)
1. Intakes of magnesium, copper, zinc, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and folic acid in Britain were calculated by applying the values selected for the 4th edition of McCance and Widdowson's The Composition of Foods (Paul & Southgate, 1978) to the amounts of food recorded in the National Food Survey made during 1976 (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food,(More)
PURPOSE A programme of garden-related indoor activities was developed to sustain a gardening group for people with mid to late stage Huntington's disease during the winter. METHOD The activities were devised by the horticulturist, working empirically, involving the services occupational therapist, physiotherapist, occupational therapy art technician,(More)
This study evaluated adapted gardening as an activity for people with advanced Huntington's disease (HD) and explored its therapeutic aspects. Visitors and staff completed a questionnaire and participated in structured interviews to capture further information, whereas a pictorial questionnaire was designed for residents with communication difficulties.(More)
AIM A total of 14 Scandinavian therapy gardens were visited and data collected on plantings, therapeutic activities and assessment of effectiveness in Spring 2014. METHODOLOGY Data were gathered by a questionnaire and by interviewing staff in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. The data collection structured proforma used the post-occupation assessment method. (More)
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