Josephine A Fox

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The synthetic omega-conopeptides SNX-111 (MVIIA), SNX-124 (GVIA), SNX-183 (SVIB), and SNX-185 (TVIA) reduced excitatory postsynaptic potential (EPSP) amplitudes measured in the stratum radiatum of rat hippocampal slices by about 50% at doses at or near 200 nM. These effects were at least partially reversible in most slices. EPSP amplitude was not further(More)
HRP was used to label first order afferent cells of the dorsal root ganglia which synapse at the cuneate nucleus. The results show that it is a population of predominantly large cells that project monosynaptically to the medullary cuneate nucleus and thus support anatomical and physiological studies showing that directly projecting axons to the dorsal(More)
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