Joseph Zayas

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We collected the respiratory mucus coating the endotracheal tubes used during short surgical procedures in 27 patients with no clinical evidence of respiratory disease. Twelve were male and 15 were female, and they ranged from 1 to 64 yr of age (mean, 28.7 yr). The viscoelastic properties, frog palate transport rate, and percent solid composition were in(More)
Amiloride inhalation as treatment for cystic fibrosis (CF) lung disease has been shown in independent studies to increase mucus clearance by ciliary and/or cough action and to retard the decline in lung function. It is hypothesized that amiloride therapy decreases the excess sodium and water absorption that is a characteristic of CF airway epithelium and(More)
We examined the differences in tracheal mucus rheology between nonsmokers and smokers, and between smokers with and without lung cancer. Mucus was collected from patients undergoing diagnostic bronchoscopy without atropine by holding a cytology brush in contact with the tracheal mucosa for 10 to 15 s. Samples were obtained from 43 patients 24 to 79 yr of(More)
The transfer of water across the airway epithelium is closely related to the transepithelial potential difference (PD). Thus, PD should be directly involved in the regulation of airway intraluminal water content and, by extension, mucus rheology. Experiments by Boucher and co-workers (J Appl Physiol, 1980; 48: 169; and 1981; 51: 706) indicated that the(More)
We compared the physical and transport properties of tracheal mucus collected from 16 asymptomatic smokers and from 18 nonsmokers. The smokers produced a larger volume of mucus (wet weight 18.6 versus 11.2 mg; p = 0.04) with a lower solids content (11.5 versus 16.3%; p = 0.02) and a lower modulus of rigidity (log G* 2.37 versus 2.62; p = 0.04). Although the(More)
We studied the action of sodium metabisulphite on mucociliary transport in a frog palate epithelial injury model, hypothesizing that it may be useful for the study of mechanisms of airway injury. Sodium metabisulphite (MB) releases SO2 on contact with water. SO2 is a pollutant in automobile fumes and may play a role in the exacerbation of airway disease(More)
RATIONALE Inhaled side-stream tobacco smoke brings in all of its harmful components impairing mechanisms that protect the airways and lungs. Chronic respiratory health consequences are a complex multi-step silent process. By the time clinical manifestations require medical attention, several structural and functional changes have already occurred. The(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the biophysical properties of mucus from the left and right mainstem bronchi in patients undergoing diagnostic bronchoscopy because of a unilateral radiological abnormality. It was hypothesized that abnormalities in the properties of mucus would be greater on the side with the lesion and that this would be most obvious in patients with(More)
We investigated the effect of Radix Ophiopogonis on airway mucociliary clearance and mucus secretion in anesthetized quails. The oral administration of 10 g/kg of Radix Ophiopogonis significantly increased tracheal mucociliary transport velocity (MTV). Moreover, either 10 g/kg or 3 g/kg of Radix Ophiopogonis markedly attenuated the human neutrophil elastase(More)
Acknowledgements The author would like to thank all of the Queens Misdemeanor Treatment Court staff and stakeholders who helped make this research possible. In particular, the author would like to express gratitude to Naima Aiken, who was always available to meet and answer questions. In addition, thanks to the Honorable Robert Raciti, the Honorable Pauline(More)