Joseph Youker

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To study the efficacy of colon cleansing regimens, 500 hospital outpatients were randomly assigned to one of four regimens. Two featured castor oil followed by phosphate enema and two used magnesium citrate and bisacodyl. For the 349 patients who completed all components of the regimens, quality of the subsequent barium enema examination was scored by three(More)
Of 70 consecutive cancer patients referred from radiotherapy for bone scans, 32% showed cardiac uptake of 99mTc-(Sn)-pyrophosphate; only 9% of a control group showed this uptake. Of those with prior left hemithorax irradiation, 60% showed cardiac uptake; only 12% of those with irradiation elsewhere showed this phenomenon (p less than .01). The patients who(More)
A LOCALIZED NARROWING of the IAJL aorta at or distal to the ductus arteriosus (coaretation of the adult type) is one of the most comnlon congenital nmalformations of the great vessels. A narrowing of the aorta proximal to a patent ductus arteriosus (coaretation of the infantile type) is less commoni, while complete interruption of the aorta proximal to the(More)