Joseph Youker

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A LOCALIZED NARROWING of the IAJL aorta at or distal to the ductus arterio-sus (coaretation of the adult type) is one of the most comnlon congenital nmalformations of the great vessels. A narrowing of the aorta proximal to a patent ductus arteriosus (co-aretation of the infantile type) is less com-moni, while complete interruption of the aorta proximal to(More)
Small groups of interneurons, abbreviated by CPG for central pattern generators, are arranged into neural networks to generate a variety of core bursting rhythms with specific phase-locked states, on distinct time scales, which govern vital motor behaviors in invertebrates such as chewing and swimming. These movements in lower level animals mimic motions of(More)
We compared the echocardiographic assessment of left ventricular function in 20 aerobically trained male athletes (VO2 max 61 ml/kg/min) with 20 control subjects of similar age and size (VO2 max 37 ml/kg/min). On average, the left ventricle was larger in athletes and the extent of myocardial contraction (fractional shortening) was reduced. In nine athletes,(More)