Joseph Y. Hui

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This paper gives a broadband (total throughput approaching 1 terabit /s) self-routing packet switch design for providing flexible multiple bit-rate broadband services for an end-to-end fiber network. The switch fabric for the slotted broadband packet switch delivers exactly one packet to each output port from one of the input ports which request packet(More)
The development of broadband transmission and ATM switching technologies opens up an opportunity for providing high bit-rate multipoint and multimedia services such as video conferencing. Also, wireless communication has the inherent advantage of multicast transmission and may be used for multipoint information services. We consider multicast packet(More)
In this paper, we examine the fundamental relationship among quality of service, connection cost and traac smoothing in VBR video transmissions. In particular, we discuss how traac smoothing can help improving the quality of service and(or) reducing the network cost for a VBR video session. For this purpose, we present an eeective and eecient traac(More)
<lb>We propose here a thermodynamic theory for broadband networks relating quantities<lb>such as Grade of Service (GoS), bandwidth assignment, bu er assignment, and bandwidth<lb>demand. We propose a scalability postulate for these four quantities. Useful thermody-<lb>namic type relationships are then derived. The scalability postulate and(More)
To achieve Terabit and Petabit switching, both time (high transmission speed) and space (multi-stage interconnection network) technologies are required. We propose an Ethernet for which for both time and space are carrier sensed. We extend CSMA/CD to a TimeSpace protocol called CSMA/TS. We call the space-time transmission medium Terabit Ethernet (TbE). This(More)
We describe a multilayer connection control architecture for broadband communications. A graph framework is introduced to describe network layers of network design, path configurations, dynamic call routing, burst switching, and ATM cell switching. These hierarchical layers of switching are performed at decreasing time scales, respectively. Switching at the(More)