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The timing and nature of the arrival and the subsequent expansion of modern humans into eastern Asia remains controversial. Using Y-chromosome biallelic markers, we investigated the ancient human-migration patterns in eastern Asia. Our data indicate that southern populations in eastern Asia are much more polymorphic than northern populations, which have(More)
  • B Su, L Jin, +8 authors R Deka
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences…
  • 2000
The question surrounding the colonization of Polynesia has remained controversial. Two hypotheses, one postulating Taiwan as the putative homeland and the other asserting a Melanesian origin of the Polynesian people, have received considerable attention. In this work, we present haplotype data based on the distribution of 19 biallelic polymorphisms on the Y(More)
Nucleotide sequences of the D-loop region of human mitochondrial DNA from four Yunnan nationalities, Dai, Wa, Lahu, and Tibetan, were analyzed. Based on a comparison of 563-bp sequences in 99 people, 66 different sequence types were observed. Of these, 64 were unique to their respective populations, whereas only 2 types were shared between the Lahu and Wa(More)
Chemokine receptor CCR2 and stromal-derived factor (SDF-1) are involved in HIV infection and AIDS symptom onset. Recent cohort studies showed that point mutations in these two genes, CCR2-64I and SDF1-3'A, can delay AIDS onset > or = 16 years after seroconversions. The protective effect of CCR2-64I is dominant, whereas that of SDF1-3'A is recessive.(More)
Using genome-wide promoter methylation analysis, we identified a disintegrin-like and metalloprotease with thrombospondin type 1 motif 9 (ADAMTS9) is methylated in cancer. We aim to clarify its epigenetic inactivation, biological function and clinical implication in gastric cancer. ADAMTS9 was silenced in 6 out of 8 gastric cancer cell lines. The loss of(More)
AIMS This study attempted to fully explore the expression potentials of Pichia pastoris for producing porcine insulin precursor (PIP) through PIP copy number optimization. METHODS AND RESULTS Multi-copy strains were screened employing a highly efficient improved in vivo method and their copy numbers were quantified by real-time qPCR. A range of Mut(+)P.(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) gene mutations in 23 patients with G6PD deficiency and to gain further understanding of the molecular and genetic background of G6PD gene in Yunnan province, China. METHODS The mutations located in exons 2-12 and in parts of introns of G6PD gene were analyzed by amplification refractory(More)
This study assessed the relationship of race and patterns of care, defined by an expert NCI-appointed committee, for 7,781 patients with breast cancer treated in 107 hospitals in 45 communities between 1982 and 1985. After control for age and stage of disease, black patients had significantly different care from white patients for four of the ten patterns(More)
In this study, polymorphisms of human leukocyte antigen (HLA) class I (A, B, and Cw) and class II (DRB1) loci were analyzed in an isolated Han population living in Fengyandong in the Yunnan province of Southwest China (FYDH) using a high-resolution polymerase chain reaction-Luminex typing method. A total of 13 A, 26 B, 15 Cw, and 23 DRB1 alleles of HLA were(More)