Joseph Xiong

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This paper presents a case study of accessibility evaluation which reports the main drawbacks concerning the accessibility of Web sites of French and Belgium local administrations. We measure the accessibility of information published on Web pages, acceptance of standards of accessibility (i.e. W3C's WAI) and availability of services provided on-line. Our(More)
Whilst accessibility is widely agreed as an essential requirement for promoting universal access of information, many Web sites still fail to provide accessible content. This paper investigates the support given by currently available tools for taking care of accessibility at different phases of the development process. At first, we provide a detailed(More)
Inadequate control of serum phosphate in chronic kidney disease can lead to pathologies of clinical importance. Effectiveness of on market phosphate binders is limited by safety concerns and low compliance due to high pill size/burden and gas-trointestinal (GI) discomfort. VS-501 is a nonabsorbed, calcium-and aluminum-free, chemically modified,(More)
This paper presents an Ontology-based approach for dealing with guidelines concerning the usability and the accessibility of Web applications. We report an ontology which provides a formal description of concepts used to express ergonomic knowledge related to Web design. This paper demonstrates how to employ such Ontology for organizing ergonomic knowledge(More)
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