Joseph Wright

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BACKGROUND High fidelity carbon mapping has the potential to greatly advance national resource management and to encourage international action toward climate change mitigation. However, carbon inventories based on field plots alone cannot capture the heterogeneity of carbon stocks, and thus remote sensing-assisted approaches are critically important to(More)
The agouti (Dasyprocta punctata) meticulously defleshes Astrocaryum standleyanum palm seeds before scatter hoarding. On Barro Colorado Island, Panama, we experimentally tested three hypotheses on how this behaviour could reduce seed predation to the mutual benefit of the tree and the rodent. The first and established hypothesis – that defleshing reduces(More)
0006-3207/$ see front matter 2009 Elsevier Ltd. A doi:10.1016/j.biocon.2009.05.035 * Corresponding author. Tel.: +507 65494077. E-mail address: (D.H. Den Deforestation and degradation of tropical old-growth forests has the potential to cause catastrophic species extinctions. In this review, we assess whether regenerating secondary(More)
Climatic conditions should not hinder nutrient release from decomposing leaf-litter (mineralization) in the humid tropics, even though many tropical forests experience drought lasting from several weeks to months. We used a dry-season irrigation experiment to examine the effect of seasonal drought on nutrient concentrations in leaffall and in decomposing(More)
We irrigated and fertilized (with nutrients) seedlings of Doliocarpus olivaceus (Dilleniaceae, a shade-tolerant liana), Faramea occidentalis (Rubiaceae, a shade-tolerant understorey tree) and Tetragastris panamensis (Burseraceae, a shade-tolerant canopy tree) growing in the understorey of an old-growth tropical moist forest in Panama to assess the impact of(More)
Heterostyly is a genetic polymorphism in which plant populations are composed of two or more morphs that differ in stigma and anther heights. The polymorphism promotes intermorph pollen transfer, thus outcrossing. Heterostyly has been reported in 28 angiosperm families and is frequently lost in heterostylous lineages. To assess ecological factors related to(More)
Elevated atmospheric CO2 concentrations (ca) will undoubtedly affect the metabolism of tropical forests worldwide; however, critical aspects of how tropical forests will respond remain largely unknown. Here, we review the current state of knowledge about physiological and ecological responses, with the aim of providing a framework that can help to guide(More)
Bullying is a very toxic psychosocial stressor associated with serious health problems and death, affecting both the victims and the bullies. This form of abuse or maltreatment occurs around the world and along the lifespan. Health professionals have the unique responsibility of promoting the development of community initiatives for the prevention of(More)
C. E. Timothy Paine*, Lucy Amissah, Harald Auge, Christopher Baraloto, Martin Baruffol, Nils Bourland, Helge Bruelheide, Kasso Da€ınou, Roland C. de Gouvenain, Jean-Louis Doucet, Susan Doust, Paul V. A. Fine, Claire Fortunel, Josephine Haase, Karen D. Holl, Herv e Jactel, Xuefei Li, Kaoru Kitajima, Julia Koricheva, Cristina Mart ınez-Garza, Christian(More)