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BACKGROUND High fidelity carbon mapping has the potential to greatly advance national resource management and to encourage international action toward climate change mitigation. However, carbon inventories based on field plots alone cannot capture the heterogeneity of carbon stocks, and thus remote sensing-assisted approaches are critically important to(More)
Para-aminosalicylic acid (PAS), a tuberculostatic agent, was formulated into large porous particles for direct delivery into the lungs via inhalation. These particles possess optimized physical properties for deposition throughout the respiratory tract, a drug loading of 95% by weight and physical stability over 4 weeks at elevated temperatures. Upon(More)
What explains the post-tenure fate of dictators? How does it affect their propensity to democratize? We tackle these questions in a model, with one leader and N − 1 factions. First, the leader decides whether to democratize. Second, players decide whether to oust the leader and eliminate each other. Third, surviving players divide the spoils of office. We(More)
Species identification and characterization in tropical environments is an emerging field in tropical remote sensing. Significant efforts are currently aimed at the detection of tree species, of levels of forest successional stages, and the extent of liana occurrence at the top of canopies. In this paper we describe our use of high resolution imagery from(More)
We extend a unified and easy-to-use approach to measurement error and missing data. Black-well, Honaker and King (2014) gives an intuitive overview of the new technique, along with practical suggestions and empirical applications. Here, we offer more precise technical details; more sophisticated measurement error model specifications and estimation(More)
Although social scientists devote considerable effort to mitigating measurement error during data collection, they usually ignore the issue during data analysis. And although many statistical methods have been proposed for reducing measurement error-induced biases, few have been widely used because of implausible assumptions, high levels of model(More)
This paper analyzes multilateral aid allocation in the European Union (EU). We argue that EU members can influence the aid allocation process towards their national interests if they form powerful coalitions that bias the European Commission's development policies. When EU members' preferences over aid allocation are heterogeneous, the Commission can(More)
The key–value system is justly popular as it greatly simplifies controlling packages for the user. Unfortunately , that ease of use is not transferred into setting up key–value systems for authors of prepackaged T E X code. This article describes how to implement key–value controls for both T E X and L A T E X authors, including a brief overview of how the(More)
Physical quantities have both numbers and units, and each physical quantity should be expressed as the product of a number and a unit. Typesetting physical quantities requires care to ensure that the combined mathematical meaning of the number–unit combination is clear. In particular, the SI units system lays down a consistent set of units with rules on how(More)