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BACKGROUND High fidelity carbon mapping has the potential to greatly advance national resource management and to encourage international action toward climate change mitigation. However, carbon inventories based on field plots alone cannot capture the heterogeneity of carbon stocks, and thus remote sensing-assisted approaches are critically important to(More)
Foliar nitrogen (N) isotope ratios (d 15 N) are used as a proxy for N-cycling processes, including the ''openness'' of the N cycle and the use of distinct N sources, but there is little experimental support for such proxies in lowland tropical forest. To address this, we examined the d 15 N values of soluble soil N and canopy foliage of four tree species(More)
Elevated atmospheric CO 2 concentrations (c a) will undoubtedly affect the metabolism of tropical forests worldwide; however, critical aspects of how tropical forests will respond remain largely unknown. Here, we review the current state of knowledge about physiological and ecological responses, with the aim of providing a framework that can help to guide(More)
  • Pankaj Gupta, Ranjit Lamech, +6 authors Bernard Tenenbaum
  • 2002
AUTHORS ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We would like to thank John Besant-Jones for his guidance in developing the paper. We would also like to thank Ananda Covindassamy, Mansoor Dailami, Thomas Duvall, Mohinder Gulati, Bernard Tenenbaum and Michel Wormser for their helpful comments. DISCLAIMER The findings, interpretations, and conclusions expressed in this study are(More)
Species identification and characterization in tropical environments is an emerging field in tropical remote sensing. Significant efforts are currently aimed at the detection of tree species, of levels of forest successional stages, and the extent of liana occurrence at the top of canopies. In this paper we describe our use of high resolution imagery from(More)
  • 1995
SUMMARY I Several plant communities in central Panama, each community located near a weather station, contain trees with annual growth rings, i.e. Cordiu alliodora, Pseudobombax septenatum, and Annona spraguei. Tree-ring data are particularly valuable when concomitant weather information is readily available. Patterns of growth for the above species of(More)
In this paper I examine the electoral consequences of conditional cash-transfer programs (CCTs) that provide individualized benefits based on objective eligibility criteria. I employ a variety of statistical approaches to both individual and aggregate data from Brazil and find that even in an environment were citizens' electoral behavior is not monitored(More)
This paper analyzes multilateral aid allocation in the European Union (EU). We argue that EU members can influence the aid allocation process towards their national interests if they form powerful coalitions that bias the European Commission's development policies. When EU members' preferences over aid allocation are heterogeneous, the Commission can(More)
Physical quantities have both numbers and units, and each physical quantity should be expressed as the product of a number and a unit. Typesetting physical quantities requires care to ensure that the combined mathematical meaning of the number–unit combination is clear. In particular, the SI units system lays down a consistent set of units with rules on how(More)