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We present an agent-based model that allows the user to employ different social theories to try to explain and predict social changes. The model is set in the context of an armed insurgency in a developing country. We demonstrate the capabilities of the model by showing how it simulates a news report-based scenario under different theories and combinations(More)
Much current theory concerning nationalism holds that elites commonly create or cause popular nationalism. In part, that thesis may be due to an overwhelming emphasis in research on nationalism on positive cases: cases where nationalism has appeared, ignoring cases where it has not. In this article, I challenge the thesis by showing numerous historical(More)
I employ a simulation model previously used to analyze the choice of top members in a hierarchy to examine the acceptance of low prestige in a group of possibly large size. Results show that acceptance of low rank is most likely when the collective benefit available is mostly nonrival and nonexcludable and has low additivity (every contribution helps), and(More)