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In near-field scanning optical microscopy, a light source or detector with dimensions less than the wavelength (lambda) is placed in close proximity (lambda/50) to a sample to generate images with resolution better than the diffraction limit. A near-field probe has been developed that yields a resolution of approximately 12 nm ( approximately lambda/43) and(More)
Eighteen hyperpyrexial patients with a mean rectal temperature of 42.3 degrees (range 41.2-43.1 degrees C) were rapidly cooled in a unit producing evaporative cooling from a warm skin. Sixteen patients recovered, and two, who were diabetic, died. The time taken for the core temperature to drop to 38 degrees C varied from 26 min to 5 h. The success of a(More)
BACKGROUND In their current configuration, traditional reactive consultation-liaison services see a small percentage of the general-hospital patients who could benefit from their care. These services are poorly reimbursed and bring limited value in terms of clinical improvement and reduction in health-service use. METHOD The authors examine models of(More)
The thermal and exercise tolerances of 165 Sudanese cane cutters were measured in the laboratory and related to work performance and productivity in the cane fields. The results showed that the amount of cane cut per minute in the field was significantly correlated with changes in body weight (r = +0-53) during the third hour of work, aerobic energy(More)