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1. Changes in plasma concentrations of catecholamines and cortisol were measured before and after static exercise performed by the subject pushing with both legs against a strain-gauge bar. No marked changes in plasma catecholamine were observed but plasma cortisol increased after the subject pushed for 3 min at 50% of maximum force. 2. Holding a 20 kg(More)
In near-field scanning optical microscopy, a light source or detector with dimensions less than the wavelength (lambda) is placed in close proximity (lambda/50) to a sample to generate images with resolution better than the diffraction limit. A near-field probe has been developed that yields a resolution of approximately 12 nm ( approximately lambda/43) and(More)
Physiological tests of work performance and measurement of field productivity were made in 194 Sudanese cane cutters in order to study the effect of Schistosoma mansoni infection. The cane cutters were selected from two age ranges (16-24 and 25-45 years) and subdivided into three clinical groups: not infected, infected with, and infected without clinical(More)
The angular diameters of a Orionis and o Ceti were measured at a wavelength of 11.15 km using the two-telescope Infrared Spatial Interferometer (ISI). Based on Ðtting the visibility data to uniform disk models, the diameter of a Orionis is 54.7 ^ 0.3 mas and that of o Ceti at phase 0.90 is 47.8 ^ 0.5 mas. These diameters are the most precise ever measured(More)