Joseph W. Yedlicka

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T HE CLINICAL manifestations of SVCS were first described by Hunter in 1757, secondary to a syphilitic aneurysm of the ascending aorta.’ SVCS usually has an insidious presentation and eventually leads to a collection of signs and symptoms that together are diagnostic of the disorder. Obstruction of the SVC may result from external compression or intrinsic(More)
The authors describe their use of a new right-angle snare made of nickel-titanium (nitinol) cable for retrieval of foreign bodies and iatrogenically placed devices. The snare loop is at right angles to the cable and comes in five sizes (5, 10, 15, 25, and 35 mm); its radiographic visualization is enhanced by gold-plated tungsten coils. This snare was used(More)
Spermatic vein occlusion by means of selective injection of boiling contrast material into the spermatic vein was attempted in 175 men with symptomatic varicoceles or infertility. Seventy-six patients (43%) returned for follow-up venography. Of 115 veins injected, 96 (83%) were totally occluded on the follow-up venogram obtained at 6 weeks to 2 years after(More)
Coronary angiograms of 64 heart transplant patients were reviewed to determine the incidence of myocardial bridges. In 33% of the patients, myocardial bridges were detected, almost exclusively across the midportion of the left anterior descending coronary artery. The incidence is higher than previously reported in the literature and is thought to be related(More)
One hundred one LG-Medical (LGM) vena cava filters were placed in 97 patients at four institutions. Placement was a complete technical success in 90% (91 of 101). In 6% of attempts, LGM filter insertion was complicated by incomplete opening of the filter. Pulmonary embolism after filter placement was not definitely demonstrated in any patient. The(More)
The use of thrombolytic agents in the treatment of postoperative pulmonary embolism presents a dilemma to the surgeon. On one hand, postoperative pulmonary embolism usually occurs within 2 weeks of surgery. On the other hand, recent surgery is considered a contraindication for the use of thrombolytics. We developed a protocol for treating pulmonary embolism(More)
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES Inferior vena cava filter fractures have been described in vivo on several occasions. No studies have compared the fatigue life of the different filter types. Four different, frequently used filters (Vena-Tech filters [VTF], stainless-steel Greenfield filters [SSGF], Simon nitinol filters [SNF], and titanium Greenfield filters(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the use of intravascular sonography for the detection of arteriosclerosis and to determine the effects of vascular interventional procedures on the arterial wall. A catheter-based 20-MHz transducer was used. Forty patients were studied. Twelve had clinical evidence of peripheral vascular disease, 13 were healthy(More)
T HE PRECISE and elegant rendering of the human anatomy achieved by CT has, for over a decade, provided a novel perspective to the medical diagnostic armamentarium. CT has had a significant impact on almost every avenue in the daily practice of medicine and has gained broad acceptance by our clinical colleagues. A wide variety of congenital vascular(More)
The effectiveness of pleural sealing with a compressed collagen foam plug in preventing the development of pneumothorax was evaluated in a prospective, comparative study of 50 patients undergoing transthoracic needle biopsies. The 4-cm-long plug was deposited through the thin-walled guidance needle at the end of the procedure in a position where it would(More)