Joseph W. Gibson

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Logicon RDA has developed the Corps Battle Simulation After Action Review System (CBS AARS) to support the Battle Command Training Program (BCTP) requirement for training based on CBS-supported command post exercises (CPX). The CBS AARS is fielded and in use worldwide, and consists of the following subsystems: data collection, archive data storage, system(More)
Let N represent the positive integers. Let n ∈ N and Γ ⊆ N. Set Γ n = {x ∈ N : ∃y ∈ Γ, x ≡ y (mod n)} ∪ {1}. If Γ n is closed under multiplication , it is known as a congruence monoid or CM. A classical result of James and Niven [15] is that for each n, exactly one CM admits unique factorization into products of irreducibles, namely Γ n = {x ∈ N : gcd(x, n)(More)
Smartphones have become commonplace in today's society. There seems to be a mobile application for every conceivable use, expect one. Smartphones have been conspicuously absent in higher education. This research examines the use of mobile applications (apps) in the higher education setting. In addition, it evaluates the potential for including smartphone(More)
  • Arielle Fujiwara, Joseph Gibson, Matthew Jenssen, Daniel Montealegre, Ari Tenzer
  • 2012
Let n ∈ N, Γ ⊆ N and define Γn = {x ∈ Zn | x ∈ Γ} the set of residues of elements of Γ modulo n. If Γn is multiplicatively closed we may define the following submonoid of the naturals: HΓ n = {x ∈ N | x = γ, γ ∈ Γn}∪{1} known as a congruence monoid (CM). Unlike the naturals, many CMs enjoy the property of non-unique factorization into irreducibles. This(More)
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