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This article outlines the development of a 10-item measure of workplace ostracism. Using 6 samples (including multisource and multiwave data), the authors developed a reliable scale with a unidimensional factor structure that replicated across 4 separate samples. The scale possessed both convergent and discriminant validity, and criterion-related validity(More)
Primary prevention in refugee mental health requires information from clinical, health, and cross-cultural psychology. Primary prevention's roots are in public health, which is distinguished by a communitywide perspective for addressing mental health concerns. This article summarizes research suggesting that refugees are an at-risk population, making them(More)
The influence of schooling and literacy on cognitive test performance has both theoretical and practical importance. However, it is usually impossible to find populations where the relative influence of these two factors can be distinguished. Among the Cree of Northern Canada literacy in a syllabic script is widespread, and exists independently of formal(More)
The study examined the relationship between migration and the incidence of emotional disorders among 568 young Third World immigrants in Norway. Participants were 10-17 years of age. Using a questionnaire, acculturative stress (i.e., change in health status as a result of acculturation) was found to exist among the children, although having to migrate or(More)
The purpose of this study was to adapt a methodology, which has previously been successfully employed in adult psychotherapy research, to study videotaped play therapy sessions with children. Therapist interventions in a child psychotherapy case were rated for Plan-compatibility, a case-specific measure of predicted helpfulness based on an independently(More)
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