Joseph Varshavsky

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Horizontal transfer of genes between species is an important mechanism for bacterial genome evolution. In Escherichia coli, conjugation is the transfer from a donor (F(+)) to a recipient (F(-)) cell through cell-to-cell contact. We demonstrate what we believe to be a novel qPCR method for quantifying the transfer kinetics of the F plasmid in a population by(More)
Cancer growth and proliferation rely on intracellular iron availability. We studied the effects of Deferiprone (DFP), a chelator of intracellular iron, on three prostate cancer cell lines: murine, metastatic TRAMP-C2; murine, non-metastatic Myc-CaP; and human, non-metastatic 22rv1. The effects of DFP were evaluated at different cellular levels: cell culture(More)
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