Joseph V Kurian

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Because sulfonylureas, such as glibenclamide, are used to treat Type 2 diabetes and because this disease is associated with various cardiovascular complications that may be mediated by thromboxane (TX), this study was designed to characterize the role of glibenclamide on TX-mediated contractions in isolated ring segments of bovine coronary arteries and(More)
A case series of Merkel cell carcinoma (MCC) is reported here and illustrates some of the current controversies in clinical management of this disease. From 1988-2007, 145 cases (74 men and 71 women) were analyzed. These were combined with other cases in the literature, hence the total number of patients was 433. Nodal metastases occurred clinically at(More)
The Sorona family of polymers, based on corn-derived 1,3-propanediol, have recently been developed as novel bio-based materials for use in plastics, films, and fibers. In the present study, Sorona polymers were investigated for their effects on cell survival and inflammatory cell activation using in vitro mouse cell cultures. Cytotoxicity of Sorona polymers(More)
Escalation in mobile devices has powered the demand for wireless networks. With the ripening of industry standards and the deployment of wireless networking across a broad commercial section, wireless technology has expanded over the age. Wireless ad-hoc network technologies and standards such as IEEE 802.11s (WANET) are efficient, economic, simple to send,(More)
Background: Due to the escalating quantity of digitized medical patient records, the need for medical knowledge discovery and decision support systems increases. Clinical decision support systems are designed to assist health professionals with decision making tasks such as medical diagnosis where the primary concern is to recognize disease risk and take(More)
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