Joseph U. Neisser

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It is widely accepted among philosophers that neuroscientists are conducting a search for the neural correlates of consciousness, or NCC. Chalmers (2000) conceptualized this research program as the attempt to correlate the contents of conscious experience with the contents of representations in specific neural populations. A notable claim on behalf of this(More)
The severity and duration of cognitive performance capacity deficits after intravenous administration of propofol were determined using the validated psychological test procedure syndrome short test (SKT), a simple reaction test and original driving licence exam questions. The test battery was performed before, immediately after, as well as 1 and 2 h after(More)
Metacognitive attitudes can affect behavior but do they do so, as Koriat claims, because they enhance voluntary control? This Commentary makes a case for saying that metacognitive consciousness may enhance not control but subjective predictability and may be best studied by examining not just healthy, well-integrated cognizers, but victims of multilevel(More)
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