Joseph Terdiman

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Adverse reactions to drugs are a major public health care issue. Currently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) publishes quarterly reports that typically contain on the order of 200,000 adverse incidents. In such numerous incidents, low frequency events that are clinically highly significant often remain undetected. In this paper, we introduce a visual(More)
Closed-loop and open-loop optokinetic nystagmus (OKN) eye movements were recorded with an electromagnetic scleral search coil in 16 patients with myasthenic ocular palsies, 8 patients with nonmyasthenic ocular palsies, and 4 normal controls. We calculated the summation of fast-phase amplitude per second (SFPAps), mean of fast-phase amplitude (MFPA) and mean(More)
Monocular pursuit and saccadic eye movements were compared between a group of 5 men with cerebral palsy and a group of 5 men with normal movements using an infrared corneal reflection technique. Triangle, sine, and square waves (in the time domain) at 0.3 Hz in the horizontal and vertical dimensions were used as the stimuli for six 10-sec. tests of each(More)
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