Joseph T. Hepworth

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This article reviews statistical issues that arise in temporal data, particularly with respect to daily experience data. Issues related to nonindependence of observations, the nature of data structures, and claims of causality are considered. Through the analysis of data from a single subject, we illustrate concomitant time-series analysis, a general method(More)
Lymphedema is a problem for breast cancer survivors. The proliferation of limb measurement techniques makes it difficult to know how best to measure an at-risk limb. Using a sample of healthy volunteers and individuals with lymphedema, this study: 1) examined the relationship between more commonly used circumferential limb measurement methods and newer(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine if continued access to information following a baseline pain education program would increase knowledge and positive beliefs about cancer pain management, thus resulting in improved pain control during a 6-month follow-up period. Patients with cancer-related pain and their primary caregivers received a brief pain(More)
Children's ratings of their postoperative pain were compared to nurses' and physicians' ratings of the children's postoperative pain. Children and adolescents were able to rate their pain using a visual analogue scale (VAS). Although there were differences between groups on their mean pain ratings, the ratings of the nurses and physicians correlated(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the effect of a 12-week Tai Chi (TC) intervention on physical function and quality of life. DESIGN Single-blind, randomized controlled trial. SETTING General community. PARTICIPANTS Community-dwelling survivors of stroke (N=145; 47% women; mean age, 70y; time poststroke: 3y; ischemic stroke: 66%; hemiparesis: 73%) who were aged(More)
Music therapy has decreased anxiety levels in many medical settings. This randomized clinical trial examined the effectiveness of a music listening intervention, delivered by a board-certified music therapist, in patients undergoing curative radiation therapy (RT). Emotional distress (anxiety, depression, and treatment-related distress) and symptoms(More)
BACKGROUND The burden produced by caring for relatives with dementia is an increasing problem in the United States and Taiwan, necessitating a better understanding of the interrelationships of the factors that influence burden. OBJECTIVES To test a theoretical model specifying how the demands of care, filial obligation, caregiving self-efficacy, coping(More)
Despite the numerous benefits of physical activity, older adults continue to be more sedentary than their younger counterparts, and sedentary behavior is more prevalent among older racial and ethnic minorities than among Whites. This study used the nominal group technique (NGT) to examine participants' perceptions of what neighborhood environmental changes(More)
INTRODUCTION Gait velocity is an objective, fundamental indicator of post-stroke walking ability. Most stroke survivors have diminished aerobic endurance or paretic leg strength affecting their walking ability. Other reported underlying factors affecting gait velocity include functional disability, balance, cognitive impairment, or the distance they are(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to explore women's decision-making about the balance of risks and benefits of taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT) based on the latest evidence from the Women's Health Initiative (WHI) trial of combined HRT. METHODS Women aged 50-69 years, who were eligible for the Women's International Study of long Duration(More)