Joseph T. Dixon

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This paper shows how software caches and hashing to multiple PCB (protocol control block) lists can increase demultiplexing efficiency in TCP/IP network server. We implemented six algorithms and executed 200 simulations-using four server traffic traces as input-to formulate best-use caching and hashing policies for demultiplexing TCP-based http, telnet and(More)
We present UDP datagram demultiplexing techniques that can yield potentially substantial application-independent performance gains over BSD-derived UDP implementations. Our demultiplexing strategies exploit local host and UDP implementation features-(1) how UDP processes connection-less datagrams, (2) local host application as client or server, and (3)(More)
Modern automated drug-screening can generate hundreds of inhibitor leads from diverse chemical sources in a short period of time. Traditional methods of inhibitor analysis are resource intensive and limit the number of inhibitors that can be analyzed for their mechanism of inhibition. This paper presents methods we have developed for rapid estimation of(More)
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