Joseph T Daley

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STUDY OBJECTIVE To establish a method for the prolonged recording of electrophysiologic variables of sleep in freely moving nonhuman primates. To establish and validate means for scoring nocturnal sleep and quantifying daytime alertness in these subjects. DESIGN Four animals (M. mulatta) were permanently instrumented for the recording of(More)
The protein composition of the various muscle types in Drosophila melanogaster has been studied quite thoroughly and the analysis has revealed many differences involving the usage of muscle specific isoforms of a given protein, as well as the presence of proteins restricted to one muscle type. Drosophila projectin, the giant protein component of the third(More)
Movement, cognition, emotion, and positive reinforcement are influenced by mesostriatal, mesocortical, and mesolimbic dopamine systems. We describe a fourth major pathway originating from mesencephalic dopamine neurons: a mesothalamic system. The dopamine transporter, specific to dopamine containing axons, was histochemically visualized in thalamic motor(More)
OBJECTIVES Over 40% of individuals with Parkinson's disease (PD) have rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder (RBD). This is associated with excessive sustained (tonic) or intermittent (phasic) muscle activity instead of the muscle atonia normally seen during REM sleep. We examined characteristics of manually-quantitated surface EMG activity in PD to(More)
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