Joseph T. Bernardo

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Understanding the determinants of variation in the extent of species distributions is a fundamental goal of ecology. The diversity of geographical range sizes (GRSs) in mammals spans 12 orders of magnitude. A long-standing macroecological model of this diversity holds that as body size increases, species are increasingly restricted to occupying larger GRS.(More)
Widespread recognition of the importance of biological studies at large spatial and temporal scales, particularly in the face of many of the most pressing issues facing humanity, has fueled the argument that there is a need to reinvigorate such studies in physiological ecology through the establishment of a macrophysiology. Following a period when the(More)
  • Albert Marcet, Kenneth J Singleton Yz, Universitat Pompeu, Fabra Barcelona, Darrell Duue, Rody Manuelli +13 others
  • 1998
We study the quantitative properties of a dynamic general equilibrium model in which agents face both idiosyncratic and aggregate income risk, state-dependent borrowing constraints that bind in some but not all periods and markets are incomplete. Optimal individual consumption-savings plans and equilibrium asset prices are computed under various assumptions(More)
Global warming is now recognized as the dominant threat to biodiversity because even protected populations and habitats are susceptible. Nonetheless, current criteria for evaluating species' relative endangerment remain purely ecological, and the accepted conservation strategies of habitat preservation and population management assume that species can mount(More)
Physiological processes are essential for understanding the distribution and abundance of organisms, and recently, with widespread attention to climate change, physiology has been ushered back to the forefront of ecological thinking. We present a macrophysiological analysis of the energetics of geographic range size using combined data on body size, basal(More)
  • J Bernardo, Kaplan Phd, M Kawamura, San Francisco, K Castro, L Diem Bs +6 others
  • 2008
Contents Page Background 1 General considerations 2 Research needs 4 Molecular Drug Susceptibility Tests (DSTs) 4 Communication Plan for New Recommendations 4 General Recommendations of the Expert Panel 5 Recommendations to ACET, CDC, DTBE 6 Background Guidelines for the use of nucleic acid amplification (NAA) tests for the diagnosis of tuberculosis (TB)(More)
Cigarette smoking is the major risk factor for the development of pulmonary emphysema, a disorder that may result from an imbalance between the elastase and antielastase levels in the lungs. Decreased functional alpha 1-protease inhibitor, an inhibitor of neutrophil elastase, might render smokers susceptible to elastase-catalyzed destruction of pulmonary(More)
  • Flávia Cavazotte, Valter Moreno, Jane Bernardo, F Cavazotte, V Moreno, J Bernardo
  • 2013
In this study we investigate the connections between transformational leadership and subordinate formal and contextual performance among Brazilian employees. We also proposed and tested two mediating processes through which transformational leaders would enhance the performance of their staff: stronger follower identification with the leader and efficacy(More)