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This paper describes the frequency of women's disclosure of their HIV status, examines the extent to which they experience adverse social and physical consequences when others learn they are infected, and analyzes correlates of these negative outcomes. There were 257 HIV-positive women between the ages of 18 and 44, recruited from HIV/AIDS primary care(More)
Data obtained froni a nutaiber of dietary experiments in mtm yield a formuht by which the responlses in serumI cholesterol to changes in diet can be predicted. In this paiiel. the reliability of this foralula is tested and the effects of various types of fatty acids Onl seruill cholesterol are investigated. THE serum cholesterol concentration in mani is(More)
For many dietary changes satisfactory prediction of the average change in the serum cholesterol level of man in mg./100 ml., is given by Δ Chol. = 1.35(2ΔS − ΔP) + 1.5ΔZ where S and P are percentages of total calories provided by glycerides of saturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids in the diet and Z2 = mg. of dietary cholesterol/1000 Cal. This formula(More)
The series of metabolic ward experiments, with 22 physically healthy men in each, covered dietary cholesterol intakes from 50 to 1450 mg. daily, with all other variables controlled. The serum-cholesterol data, plus the data from comparable experiments reported from 4 other institutions, were analyzed in regard to average serum cholesterol response (Δ Chol.,(More)
This paper examines the presence and characteristics of endocytosis by oesophageal epithelial cells. Biopsy specimens from normal and inflamed oesophagus were incubated in organ culture with fluorescent microspheres (0.1 and 0.01 microns diameter). These markers were taken into early endosomes and the lysosomes of both the smaller differentiating prickle(More)
Advanced neuroimaging techniques have been utilised with ever increasing frequency over the last 10 years. A range of structural and functional imaging modalities have been employed to study the neurobiological mechanisms and anatomical substrates underlying epileptic syndromes. Advanced neuroimaging studies of juvenile myoclonic epilepsy (JME) have(More)