Joseph T. Anderson

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For many dietary changes satisfactory prediction of the average change in the serum cholesterol level of man in mg./100 ml., is given by Δ Chol. = 1.35(2ΔS − ΔP) + 1.5ΔZ where S and P are percentages of total calories provided by glycerides of saturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids in the diet and Z2 = mg. of dietary cholesterol/1000 Cal. This formula(More)
The authors studied a cohort of 30,157 male pulp and paper workers in British Columbia, Canada. Of these, 20,373 worked in kraft mills only, 5,249 in sulfite mills only, and 4,535 in both kraft and sulfite mills. All workers with at least 1 year of employment on January 1, 1950, or thereafter until December 31, 1992, were studied. Standardized mortality(More)
The series of metabolic ward experiments, with 22 physically healthy men in each, covered dietary cholesterol intakes from 50 to 1450 mg. daily, with all other variables controlled. The serum-cholesterol data, plus the data from comparable experiments reported from 4 other institutions, were analyzed in regard to average serum cholesterol response (Δ Chol.,(More)
Few systematic data are available on the range of individual blood lipid responsiveness to specific diet changes. Multiple, carefully standardized total serum cholesterol (TC) measurements were made in 58 men under a variety of controlled dietary conditions. Responsiveness was defined for each individual as the change in mean TC per unit change in Diet(More)