Joseph T Alexander

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OBJECT Few reports exist on the options and effectiveness of craniocervical stabilization in the pediatric population compared with the adult literature. Traditional options in children include onlay grafting and semi-rigid occipitocervical wiring. Recently, reports on the use of rigid internal fixation devices such as occipitocervical plates and contoured(More)
OBJECT The authors report the cases of 12 patients with medically refractory mechanical low-back pain and intermittent radicular symptoms in whom radiography demonstrated evidence of multilevel lumbosacral degenerative kyphotic and scoliotic deformity and spondylolisthesis. METHODS These patients underwent multilevel posterior lumbar interbody fusion in(More)
OBJECT To evaluate the applicability and safety of single-stage combined anterior-posterior decompression and fusion for complex cervical spine disorders, the authors retrospectively reviewed 72 consecutive procedures of this type performed using a uniform technique at a single center. METHODS The indications for decompression and stabilization included:(More)
Parenteral treatment with interleukin-2 (IL-2) is effective against certain advanced cancers outside the central nervous system. Prior to commencement of Phase II trials in patients with brain tumors, the neurological and neuroradiological features of 10 patients treated with intravenous administration of repeated doses of IL-2 were studied. Three patients(More)
Carbon-14-labeled aminoisobutyric acid was used to determine local blood-to-tissue transfer constants in 22 Fischer rats with intracerebral 9L gliosarcomas that received either high-dose parenteral interleukin-2 (IL-2) or a control injection. In tumor and peritumoral tissue, the transfer constants in the IL-2-treated animals (89.6 +/- 14.6 and 35.8 +/- 6.0,(More)
Polyhydroxy acids are a promising class of resorbable materials with potential applications in spinal surgery. One such polymer, MacroPore (MacroPore Biosurgery, Inc.), offers a balance of strength, predictable degradation, lack of stimulus of foreign body reaction, and biocompatibility with neural tissue. MacroPore can be formed into an array of shapes and(More)
OBJECT The authors conducted a literature-based review of the etiology, diagnosis, and treatment of cervical vertebral osteomyelitis (CVO). METHODS A Medline (PubMed) search using the key words "cervical vertebral osteomyelitis" yielded 256 articles. These were further screened for relevance, yielding 15 articles. Each publication was reviewed, and(More)
OBJECT The authors conducted a review of the literature to establish reasonable practical guidelines for the management of complications in patients who have undergone recent spinal surgery and who require Level 1 anticoagulation therapy. METHODS A MEDLINE (PubMed) literature search was performed using the key words "postoperative anticoagulation,"(More)
Frogs immunized with cholinergic-receptor protein developed myasthenia in 116--175 days. The muscular weakness was overcome by subcutaneous administration of 20 microgram of neostigmine. Electromyograms showed a decline in action potential amplitude during a 2-Hz train. Nerve stimulation evoked subthreshold end-plate potentials (EPPs) averaging 10.4 +/- 7.4(More)
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