Joseph Suttie

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A selectable marker system for plant transformation that does not require the use of antibiotics or herbicides was developed. The selectable marker consists of the manA gene from Escherichia coli under the control of a plant promoter that encodes for phosphomannose isomerase, pmi. Only transgenic plants were able to metabolize the selection agent, mannose,(More)
The influence of fluoride emissions from a modern aluminum smelter on concentrations of skeletal fluoride and dental fluorosis in a resident population of white-tailed deer was studied. The smelter was located on Mount Holly Plantation in South Carolina, and concentrations of skeletal fluoride in the deer collected at Mount Holly increased approximately(More)
The nature of antigen and presence of adjuvant are major factors which influence the level of immune reactivity following immunisation. This study examines the quantity and isotype of antibody produced in ewes immunised with different proteins in combination with different adjuvants. Results using indirect ELISA assays show that animals immunised with(More)
In 34 cancer patients with 40 neutropenic febrile episodes requiring broad-spectrum antimicrobial therapy, detailed dietary assessments revealed that deficient and severely deficient phylloquinone intakes (less than or equal to 70 and less than or equal to 25 micrograms/d) were identified during 88% and 38% of all days recorded, respectively. Serum(More)
The vitamin K dependent carboxylase activates the glutamyl gamma-CH of substrate peptides for carboxylation by producing a gamma-glutamyl free radical, a gamma-glutamyl carbanion, or through a concerted carboxylation. We propose to intercept the putative gamma-glutamyl free radical by the intramolecular rearrangement of a substrate containing the(More)
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