Joseph Shively

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Canine distemper virus has been isolated in dog lymphocyte cultures from the brains of three javelinas that became moribund with signs of encephalitis. Canine distemper viral antigen was demonstrated predominantly in neurons and morbillivirus-like structures were seen by electron microscopy in brains of diseased animals. Serological studies suggest that CDV(More)
A chronic debilitating disease is described in Florida horses. There is progress weight loss and lameness of increasing severity. Plasma calcium is elevated to moderate or severe degree. Anatomical changes include dystrophic calcinosis of elastic tissues, viz. major arteries, tendons and ligaments. A generalized osteopetrosis is present and may be related(More)
Thirty-five dogs with ocular lesions associated with coccidioidomycosis were examined. Serologic and/or histologic evaluation confirmed the diagnoses of coccidioidomycosis. The disease most frequently associated with signs referable to the anterior segment of the eye, such as iritis and granulomatous uveitis. Histologic evaluation of the eye revealed a(More)
EIA virus was purified from equine fetal kidney cell cultures by PEG-precipitation, two sucrose-gradient sedimentations (5–30 per cent) and (25 to 60 per cent) centrifugation, using the immunodiffusion test to follow the procedure. Purified EIA virus had a density (20° C) of 1.162 and a sedimentation constant of S20W=656. Electron microscopy revealed a(More)