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In spite of improvements in passive safety and efforts to alter driver behavior, the absolute number of highway fatalities in 2002 increased to the highest level since 1990 in the US. ESP is an active safety technology that assists the driver to keep the vehicle on the intended path and thereby helps to prevent accidents. ESP is especially effective in(More)
To determine which of three types of rectal sedation was most effective preoperatively in facilitating parental separation and intravenous cannulation in young children, 100 children 3.0 +/- 1.7 (mean +/- SD) yr of age were randomly assigned to four equal groups. One group (M-K-A) received rectal midazolam (0.5 mg/kg), ketamine (3 mg/kg), and atropine (0.02(More)
The examples of independent games presented in this paper provide fun through strong, innovative and playful game mechanics. The often-resulting combination of retro flair with focused gameplay is what makes the "contemporary retro game ". This paper argues that game and especially level design have evolved over time and provides insights on contemporary(More)
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