Joseph Sankman

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The growing demand for both reliability and performance in automotive electronics has placed mounting pressure on silicon-based power converters to be increasingly reliable and efficient. Automotive(More)
This paper presents a fully integrated, four-phase, DC-DC switching converter with fast transient response. By applying effective clock and phase synchronization schemes to a current-mode hysteretic(More)
Recently, the demand for miniaturized and fast transient response power delivery systems has been growing in high-voltage industrial electronics applications. Gallium Nitride (GaN) FETs showing a(More)
As power efficiency becomes essential in automotive applications, DC-DC converters are widely employed [1]. However, size and thermal limits have made it challenging to continue using standard(More)
This paper presents a 200MHz 4-phase fully integrated voltage regulator (FIVR) with 6.5nH package bondwire inductors. With an on-chip delay-locked loop (DLL) for phase synchronization, the proposed(More)