Joseph Sandanam

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OBJECTIVE Botulinum toxin is known to relieve upper limb spasticity, which is a disabling complication of stroke. We examined its effect on quality of life and other person-centred perspectives. DESIGN A multi-centre, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. PATIENTS Ninety-six patients were randomized (mean age 59.5 years) at least 6 months(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess acceptability, effects on swelling, resting posture, spasticity, and active (AROM) and passive range of motion (PROM) of individually tailored upper limb Lycra garments, designed as dynamic splints to exert directional pull on certain limb segments, when worn for 3 hours by hemiplegic patients. DESIGN Crossover trial. SETTING(More)
An operational definition of post-traumatic amnesia is presented and a standardized procedure for the measurement of post-traumatic amnesia, which has been clinically tested in over 100 patients with severe, closed head injury is described. Twenty patients with severe head injuries who were still experiencing post-traumatic amnesia (as defined in this(More)
OBJECTIVE To differentiate between dysautonomic and nondysautonomic subjects with acquired brain injury by measuring sympathetic reactivity after a nociceptive clinical procedure and to determine the utility of heart rate variability as an indicator of sympathetic overresponsivity in dysautonomic subjects. DESIGN This case-controlled study recruited(More)
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