Joseph Salini

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AIM Short-term efficacy of glimepiride, metformin and pioglitazone in newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes was compared with a group treated with diet and exercise. Effects on insulin secretion and sensitivity were also assessed. METHODS New type 2 diabetic subjects, aged 30-60 years with BMI < 30 kg/m2 were selected. Subjects having glycosylated haemoglobin(More)
We present a novel approach to deal with transitions while performing a sequence of dynamic tasks with a humanoid robot. The simultaneous achievement of several tasks cannot be ensured, so we use a strategy based on weights to represent their relative importance. The robot interacts with a changing environment, and the input torques are different depending(More)
This paper deals with robotic control through optimization tools, as Linear Quadratic Program (LQP). This method allows whole-body control, takes account contacts between the robot and the environment, and achieves tasks simultaneously. Each task can have a priority level, so hierarchy is possible. The method is applied on a virtual robot Icub, designed(More)
This paper deals with the dynamic control of humanoid robots interacting with their environment, and more specifically the behavioral synthesis of dynamic tasks. The purpose is to link several elementary activities subjected to physical constraints, both internal as torque limits and external as contacts, within the framework of posture/tasks coordination.(More)
The operation of a ROV requires significant off-shore dedicated manpower to handle and operate the robotic platform. In order to reduce the burden of operations, DexROV proposes to work out more cost effective and time efficient ROV operations, where manned support is in a large extent delocalized onshore (i.e. from a ROV control center), possibly at a(More)
Consuelo Granata1,2∗, Philippe Bidaud1,3† , Joseph Salini1‡ , Ragou Ady1§ 1 ISIR, UPMC-CNRS UMR , 4, place Jussieu, 75005 Paris, France 2 Imperial College of London, Exhibition Rd, London SW7 2AZ, UK 3 ONERA Chemin de la Hunière, 91123 Palaiseau, France Abstract The analysis of certain parameters related to cognitive and to motor humans’ activities in(More)
We propose a human motion capture system embedded on a walker. It is constituted by a SwissRanger 3D camera and two infrared distance sensors. This paper deals especially with an original prediction module which is added to the observation system in order to improve its accuracy. A Kalman filter is used to estimate some parameters of the gait, the step(More)
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