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OBJECTIVES We sought to compare the effects of an early interventional strategy (IS) versus a conservative strategy (CS) on health-related quality of life (HRQOL) in patients with non-ST-segment elevation acute coronary syndromes (ACS). BACKGROUND The third Randomized Intervention Trial of unstable Angina (RITA-3) evaluated early IS (n = 895) versus CS (n(More)
STUDY DESIGN Cells from degenerated intervertebral discs were transduced with an adenoviral vector delivering cDNA of the catabolic inhibitor, TIMP-1, and alterations in the measured proteoglycan were assessed. OBJECTIVES To assess the potential of TIMP-1 to favorably modify the proteoglycan content of degenerated intervertebral disc cells. SUMMARY OF(More)
INTRODUCTION The Canadian Organ Replacement Register (CORR) is the only Canadian information system on kidney and extra-kidney organ failure and transplantation in Canada. CORR's mandate is to record and analyze the level of activity and outcomes of vital organ transplantation and treatment of end stage kidney disease using dialysis, either hemodialysis or(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether people who donate a kidney have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. DESIGN Retrospective population based matched cohort study. PARTICIPANTS All people who were carefully selected to become a living kidney donor in the province of Ontario, Canada, between 1992 and 2009. The information in donor charts was manually(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the effect of combined hormone replacement therapy (HRT) on health related quality of life. DESIGN Randomised placebo controlled double blind trial. SETTING General practices in United Kingdom (384), Australia (94), and New Zealand (24). PARTICIPANTS Postmenopausal women aged 50-69 at randomisation; 3721 women with a uterus were(More)
STUDY DESIGN The progression of intervertebral disc degeneration following anterolateral "stab" of adult rabbit lumbar discs by 16-gauge hypodermic needle to a limited (5-mm) depth was studied for up to 24 weeks using magnetic resonance imaging, radiograph, and histologic outcome measures. OBJECTIVES To develop a slowly progressive, reproducible rabbit(More)
BACKGROUND Heart failure has been called the "new epidemic of cardiovascular disease," but few studies have described key epidemiologic measures of the syndrome in geographically defined US populations. METHODS AND RESULTS We obtained lists of discharge diagnosis codes in 1995 from 22 Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area hospitals; identified patients(More)
BACKGROUND Reduced kidney function confers a higher risk of acute kidney injury at the time of an inciting event, such as sepsis. Whether the same is true in those with reduced renal mass from living kidney donation is unknown. METHODS We conducted a population-based matched cohort study of all living kidney donors in the province of Ontario, Canada who(More)
BACKGROUND CONTEXT Different strategies to supplement/replenish the disc cell population have been proposed. Recently, adult stem cells have shown promise as a cell source for a variety of tissue engineering and cell therapy applications. A stem cell can renew itself through cell division and can be induced to develop into many different specialized cell(More)
AIM To investigate the association between risk of lupus and exposure to selected drugs implicated in risk of lupus in a number of case reports. METHODS In this matched nested case-control study we utilized primary care data from the UK General Practice Research Database recorded between 1987 and 2001. Cases with at least one medical code for systemic(More)