Joseph S Cefalu

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P2X(3) and P2X(2/3) receptors are localized on sensory afferents both peripherally and centrally and have been implicated in various sensory functions. However, the physiological role of these receptors expressed presynaptically in the spinal cord in regulating sensory transmission remains to be elucidated. Here, a novel selective P2X(3) and P2X(2/3)(More)
PURPOSE We investigated the pharmacological effect of TRPV1 antagonists in anesthetized rodent models of bladder function. MATERIALS AND METHODS The TRPV1 antagonists JNJ17203212 and JYL1421 were evaluated in the anesthetized rat volume induced micturition reflex model. JNJ17203212 was further evaluated in this model in capsaicin (Sigma) desensitized(More)
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