Joseph S. Bell

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BACKGROUND Anesthetic agents cause cell death in the developing rodent brain and long-term, mostly hippocampal-dependent, neurocognitive dysfunction. However, a causal link between these findings has not been shown. Postnatal hippocampal neurogenesis affects hippocampal function into adulthood; therefore, the authors tested the hypothesis that isoflurane(More)
BACKGROUND Millions of neonates undergo anesthesia each year. Certain anesthetic agents cause brain cell death and long-term neurocognitive dysfunction in postnatal day (P)7 rats. Despite its intuitive appeal, a causal link between cell death and neurocognitive decline after anesthesia has not been established. If one existed, the degree of cell death would(More)
BACKGROUND While studying neurotoxicity in rats, we observed that the anesthetic minimum alveolar anesthetic concentration (MAC) of isoflurane decreases with increasing duration of anesthesia in 7-day-old but not in 60-day-old rats. After 15 min of anesthesia in 7-day-old rats, MAC was 3.5% compared with 1.3% at 4 h. We investigated whether kinetic or(More)
The olfactory system is divided into processing channels (glomeruli), each receiving input from a different type of olfactory receptor neuron (ORN). Here we investigated how glomeruli combine to control behavior in freely walking Drosophila. We found that optogenetically activating single ORN types typically produced attraction, although some ORN types(More)
BACKGROUND Roughly, 10% of elderly patients develop postoperative cognitive dysfunction. General anesthesia impairs spatial memory in aged rats, but the mechanism is not known. Hippocampal neurogenesis affects spatial learning and memory in rats, and isoflurane affects neurogenesis in neonatal and young adult rats. We tested the hypothesis that isoflurane(More)
The front door to the Nashua Street Jail is a two-inch– thick wall of steel and bulletproof glass. I show my identification to a correctional officer behind the security window, and enormous unseen motors spin to life and slowly slide the panel closed to trap me in the anteroom that provides access. A buzzer sounds, and the identical back door begins to(More)
陈毓雯 译 陈杰 校 Overweight/Obesity and Gastric Fluid Characteristics in Pediatric Day Surgery: Implications for Fasting Guidelines and Pulmonary Aspiration Risk Scott D. Cook-Sather, Paul R. Gallagher, Lydia E. Kruge, Jonathan M. Beus, Brian P. Ciampa, Kevin Conor Welch, Sina Shah-Hosseini, Jieun S. Choi, Reshma Pachikara, Kim Minger, Ronald S. Litman, and Mark(More)
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