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OBJECTIVE To estimate sensitivity and specificity of 4 commonly used brucellosis screening tests in cattle and domestic water buffalo of Trinidad, and to compare test parameter estimates between cattle and water buffalo. ANIMALS 391 cattle and 381 water buffalo. PROCEDURE 4 Brucella-infected herds (2 cattle and 2 water buffalo) and 4 herds (2 of each(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate receiver-operating characteristic (ROC) curves for a competitive ELISA (c-ELISA) that is used in serodiagnosis of brucellosis in water buffalo and cattle, to determine the most appropriate positive cutoff value for the c-ELISA in confirmation of infection, and to evaluate species differences in c-ELISA function. SAMPLE POPULATION(More)
Antibody reactivity against seven bacterial or protozoal pathogens was measured in sera derived from 40 dogs suspected of a tick-borne disease. Sera from 73% (29/40) of the dogs reacted with three or more test antigens. Seroreactivity was most prevalent to Babesia canis antigen (90%) followed by Babesia gibsoni (75%), Ehrlichia canis (63%), Rickettsia(More)
PURPOSE To assess the inter-rater reliability, internal consistency and convergent validity of the Modified Rivermead Mobility Index (MRMI) in a mixed neurological population. METHOD The MRMI was scored for 30 consecutive patients (mean age 54.5+/-15.6 years) by two individual testers. Reliability was examined using intraclass correlation coefficients(More)
A simple undirected graph G is called a sum graph if there exists a labelling L of the vertices of G into distinct positive integers such that any two distinct vertices u and v of G are adjacent if and only if there is a vertex w whose label L(w) = L(u) + L(v). It is obvious that every sum graph has at least one isolated vertex, namely the vertex with the(More)
Bovine rabies continues to be a serious problem facing the cattle industry in South and Central America. Although Trinidad played an important role in originally demonstrating the link between bats and bovine rabies, relatively little is known about rabies in Trinidad, an island 7miles off the coast of Venezuela. In order to obtain a more complete(More)
We describe the construction of enzymatic nanoreactors through noncovalent envelopment of a glycoprotein by amphiphilic linear-dendritic AB or ABA copolymers. The synthetic procedure is based on the regioselective adsorption of dendritic poly(benzyl ether)-block-linear poly(ethylene glycol)-block-dendritic poly(benzyl ether) or linear poly(ethylene(More)
Building on state-of-the-art techniques for forecasting future developments in technology, business, economics, and other areas of human endeavor, we describe a novel methodology for adaptive contingency planning at the strategic initiative level. Complementing normal business planning that uses a schedule based on predictions tied to dates in the future,(More)
The electrical resistivity values for a series of pure and doped (Co, Mn, Al) ZnO epitaxial films grown by pulsed laser deposition were measured with equipment designed for determining the direct current resistivity of high resistance samples. Room-temperature resistances ranging from 7 x 10(1) to 4 x 10(8) Omega/sq were measured on vacuum-reduced(More)
In this paper, we report preliminary findings from an analysis of searcher actions in a faceted library catalog. In this comparative laboratory study (N=18) searchers were asked to conduct exploratory searches. For the control group facet use accounted for approximately 14% of logged actions. For participants who were shown a 60 second video about how to(More)