Joseph Roszka

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Undifferentiated metanephric blastema, grown in transfilter culture with embryonic inductor, undergoes differentiation to nephrons, including glomeruli and tubules. As in natural nephrogenesis, mesenchymal cells aggregate and form a vesicle that elongates into an s-shaped loop; a bilaminar disc at the end of the s-shaped loop becomes the glomerulus. The(More)
Because of the widespread use of keratin 34 beta E-12 to assist in the distinction between benign acini and malignant glands, the lack of immunoreactivity of benign prostatic acini are important issues. We studied midprostate whole-mount sections from 21 low-volume adenocarcinoma radical prostatectomy specimens with keratin 34 beta E-12. We marked out(More)
Phagocytosis of latex spheres was studied in explant cultures of retinal pigment epithelium from rabbit, calf, and rat (normal and dystrophic). Calf and rabbit pigment epithelial cells showed a "latent period" of about 12 and 17 hr, respectively, during which latex spheres were not ingested even when the cultures were pre-incubated for up to 24 hr prior to(More)
A recurrent cardiac myxoma is examined histochemically at the ultrastructural level. By routine electron microscopy the stellate "myxoma" cell exhibits features suggestive of a secretory function in synthesis of its myxoid stroma. Spicer 's high iron diamine (HID), which stains specifically for sulfated glycoconjugates, is utilized for intracellular(More)
A model of in vitro renal development has been used to examine the effect of glucose on the glomerular basement membrane. Glomerular differentiation in this system progresses to an arborizing tuft of podocytes overlying well-formed basal lamina. The proportional amount of lamina densa and dense fibrillary matrix was increased in blastemas grown in an(More)
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