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Modified dendritic cells coexpressing self and allogeneic major histocompatability complex molecules: an efficient way to induce indirect pathway regulation.
A feature of the tolerance that has been described in experimental models is that it can be transferred by CD4+ T cells to a naive recipient. Described is a novel approach to induce indirect pathwayExpand
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Tolerant T cells display impaired trafficking ability
Based on our previous observation that anergic T lymphocytes lose their migratory ability in vitro, we have proposed that anergic T cells are retained in the site where they have been generated toExpand
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Achieving permanent survival of islet xenografts by independent manipulation of direct and indirect T-cell responses.
Recent success in pancreatic islet allotransplantation has raised expectations but has equally highlighted the acute shortage of donor tissue. The use of xenogeneic tissue would help to address thisExpand
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Regulation of Rat and Human T-Cell Immune Response by Pharmacologically Modified Dendritic Cells
Background. The central function of dendritic cells (DC) in inducing and preventing immune responses makes them ideal therapeutic targets for the induction of immunologic tolerance. In a rat in vivoExpand
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Transcript of Oral History Interview with Mr., Mrs. J. Rodger Read, 1980
Transcript of an interview with Mr. and Mrs. J. Roger Read, residents of Baytown, Texas since approximately 1920. Topics include their life as employees of Humble Oil and Refining Co., theExpand
Controle par systeme integre de l'utilisation de matieres premieres, commande et controle de la livraison des matieres premieres et facturation automatisee des matieres premieres livrees
Systeme et procede comprenant une flotte de vehicules destines a livrer une matiere premiere dans plusieurs reservoirs situes chez differents clients. Un indicateur d'inventaire associe a chacun desExpand