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HIV‐1 IN alternative molecular recognition of DNA induced by raltegravir resistance mutations
Virologic failure during treatment with raltegravir, the first effective drug targeting HIV integrase, is associated with two exclusive pathways involving either Q148H/R/K, G140S/A or N155HExpand
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A new binding site involving the C-terminal domain to design specific inhibitors of PepX.
PepX is a X-prolyl dipeptidyl aminopeptidase of S15 family that cleaves dipeptides from the N-terminus of polypeptides having a proline or alanine residue at the second position. Involved inExpand
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The state of the guanosine nucleotide allosterically affects the interfaces of tubulin in protofilament
The dynamics of microtubules is essential for many microtubule-dependent cellular functions such as the mitosis. It has been recognized for a long time that GTP hydrolysis in αβ-tubulin polymersExpand
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Morphometric Study in Chronic Obstructive Bronchopulmonary Disease1, 2
Pathologic and morphometric studies of the lungs by Weibel's method and a study of the heart by Fulton's method were carried out in 40 patients with chronic obstructive broncho-pulmonary diseases whoExpand
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Modélisation moléculaire de complexes Tubuline-Ligand
Les microtubules sont des polymeres cylindriques de tubuline-αβ, membres du cytosquelette eucaryote. Ils possedent une dynamique intrinseque necessaire a de nombreuses fonctions cellulaires telle queExpand
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Isolation and characterization of adult bovine heart muscle chalones ( DNA synthesis / glycoproteins )
A three-step purification procedure for the isolation of heart muscle chalones is described. The method uses ultrafiltration followed by concanavalin A-Sepharose affinity chromatography andExpand