Joseph R Greenberg

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The processing of heterogeneous nuclear RNA into messenger RNA takes place in special nuclear ribonucleoprotein particles known as hnRNP. We report here the identification of proteins tightly complexed with poly(A)+ hnRNA in intact HeLa cells, as revealed by a novel in situ RNA-protein cross-linking technique. The set of cross-linked proteins includes the(More)
The proteins associated with poly(A) and other regions of mRNA and hnRNA molecules in mouse L cells were investigated with the aid of ultraviolet light-induced crosslinking of proteins to RNA. The poly(A)s of polyribosomal and free cytoplasmic mRNAs are associated with a protein, p78A. In contrast, the poly(A) of hnRNA is associated with a smaller protein,(More)
The purpose of this article was to determine the individual visual perception thresholds of certain facial and dental discrepancies for a symmetric face model (SFM). A facial photograph of a female subject's smile was digitally manipulated into an artificially symmetric picture. Modifications were made on the SFM for shifts in the dental midline, nose, and(More)
Human dental anatomy has not changed significantly in hundreds of years. Dental students and students of dental laboratory technology learn human dental anatomy as fundamental to their didactic work. Yet, so often we see dental restorations that do not follow the accepted basic design criteria of natural teeth. A possible conclusion is that the information(More)
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