Joseph R. Flemish

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Several plasma and wet-chemical surface treatments have been tested to determine their effectiveness in improving SiN passivation of the AlGaN surface in HEMT devices. Mitigation of RF dispersion was evidenced by dramatic improvements in pulsed IV data after various plasma surface treatments and SiN passivation were applied to gate-level processed HEMTs. To(More)
This paper demonstrates the use of materials with variable conductivity in antenna design. These materials vary their conductivity in response to an electrical stimulus. Making part of an antenna from a variable conductive material provides some control over the resonant behavior of the antenna. This capability is useful for dynamically changing the(More)
A silicon-based photoconductive switch and attenuator for microwave signals has been demonstrated and optimized for low insertion loss and high attenuation response upon illumination from a standard infrared LED. This device is fabricated within a coplanar waveguide for easy integration into a planar antenna for photonic control of an array. A general(More)
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