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With the advent of RFLPs, genetic linkage maps are now being assembled for a number of organisms including both inbred experimental populations such as maize and outbred natural populations such as humans. Accurate construction of such genetic maps requires multipoint linkage analysis of particular types of pedigrees. We describe here a computer package,(More)
Two biallelic polymorphisms in introns 3 and 6 of the p53 gene were analysed for a possible risk-modifying effect for ovarian cancer. Germline DNA was genotyped from 310 German Caucasian ovarian cancer patients and 364 healthy controls. We also typed 124 affected and 276 unaffected female carriers with known deleterious BRCA1 or BRCA2 germline mutation from(More)
Opinion which consciousness can exist without intrinsic material structure. With this vision of reality, they state that it will not be possible for humans to build a computer that can duplicate the consciousness of a human mind. I submit that such thinking is in error, even though some of its proponents are men of scientific training and great(More)
  • Daniel Bruce Patience, D J Klingenberg, W H Ray In Chemical Engineering, R W Hartel In Food, R M Allen, W B Earl +7 others
  • 2002
i To Mum and Dad ii iii Acknowledgments The University of Wisconsin (UW) Madison has been good to me. There are so many people to thank that made what the unique graduate school experience is supposed to be. I will always have fond memories, I miss the place already. I hope I do not leave anyone out. Definitely, I cannot thank enough my advisor Jim(More)
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