Joseph Prashker

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This paper takes a fresh look at the arguments against path-enumeration algorithms for the traffic assignment problem and provides the results of a gradient projection method. The motivation behind the research is the orders of magnitude improvement in the availability of computer storage over the last decade. Faster assignment algorithms are necessary for(More)
In this work, route-choice simulations and laboratory experiments were conducted in order to evaluate the effect of feedback mechanism on decision-making under uncertainty, with and without provided information about travel times. We discuss the prediction of travellers' response to uncertainty in two route-choice situations. In the first situation(More)
Various models that incorporate concepts from Non-Cooperative Game Theory (NCGT) are described in the transport literature. Game Theory provides powerful tools for analysing transport systems, but these tools have some drawbacks that should be recognised. In the current paper we review games that describe transport problems and discuss them within a uniform(More)
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