Joseph Patrick

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Multi-channel sound diffusion has been an essential part of the electroacoustic music process from the very beginning of the genre. We see early experimentation in sound spa-tialization in Varèse's use of loudspeaker " paths " in Poémè Electronique, Stockhausen's experiments in quad and cube-based speaker arrangements (Chadabe 1997), and Chown-ing's(More)
The scale and performance parameters of the ILC require new thinking in regards to control system design. This design work has begun quite early in comparison to most accelerator projects, with the goal of uniquely high overall accelerator availability. Among the design challenges are high control system availability, precision timing and rf phase reference(More)
The Immersive Computer-controlled Audio Sound Theater (ICAST, pronounced " eye-cast ") is an ongoing research project that addresses performance issues in electroacoustic music. By exploring a variety of differing performance modes through a computer-controlled loudspeaker environment that is malleable, adaptable and intuitive, we are able to explore new(More)
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