Joseph Padayatty

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A 0.9 kb double stranded cDNA of foot and mouth disease virus (FMDV) Type Asia 1, 63/72 was cloned in an expression vector, pUR222. A protein of 38 kd was produced by the clone which reacted with the antibodies raised against the virus. A 20 kd protein which may be derived from the 38 kd protein contained the antigenic epitopes of the protein VP1 of the(More)
The 5S-rRNA from the ungerminated and 48-h-germinated rice embryos differs from the wheat, rye and maize by two nucleotides. The 48-h-germinated embryos contain another species of 5S-rRNA which differs by 3 nucleotides from the ungerminated embryos, thereby showing the expression of two 5S-rRNA genes during germination. The 5S-rRNA genes are present in(More)