Joseph P. Wilson

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A tasteless odor will smell sweeter after being sampled by mouth with sucrose and will smell sourer after being sampled with citric acid. This tasty-smell effect was found in experiments that compared odor-taste and color-taste pairings. Using odors and colors with minimal taste (Experiment 1), the authors found that repeated experience of odor-taste(More)
Experiments in cat have revealed evidence of temporal correspondence between round-window recorded electrical potentials and delayed acoustical responses in the sealed ear canal at low sound levels. This would be difficult to explain if the acoustic response contained an appreciable component of delay due to a reverse travelling wave. An alternative(More)
Evidence is provided for the existence of at least three feature-specific channels in the auditory system. Thresholds for the detection of small repetitive or nonrepetitive frequency changes were measured following various adapting stimuli using a 2IFC procedure in two subjects at 1 kHz. Thresholds for single linear upward frequency sweeps (up sweeps) were(More)
Vibration measurements were made at a number of positions near the proximal (basal) end of the basilar membrane, and on the columella footplate, of Caiman crocodilus using a capacitive probe. The measurements established the existence of a mechanical travelling wave in this species. They showed no significant change of mechanical tuning with temperature,(More)
A sensitive microphone has been developed which can pick up tonal signals (spontaneous acoustic emissions) in the sealed ear-canal of certain subjects. Various properties of these frequency components suggest that they arise from an active, frequency-selective self-limiting feedback process within the cochlea and that they rely on internal reflection from(More)
We carried out the present studies to determine whether the suppression of plasma renin activity (PRA) that follows inhibition of prostaglandin (PG) synthesis can be dissociated from the sodium-retaining effects of these drugs. In an initial investigation we studied the effect of indomethacin on PRA in normal subjects in balance on a 10 mM Na+ diet to(More)
Otoacoustic emissions are believed to arise from an active process associated with the outer hair cells in the mammalian organ of Corti. They have been attributed to the presence of impedance discontinuities on the basilar membrane which might be caused by hair cell irregularities. To test this hypothesis we have investigated the possible relationship(More)