Joseph P. Hall

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Sustainable development is a term reflecting human, societal, and environmental values and in order to determine progress toward this goal; it is necessary to identify and define these values, and for governments or other institutions to establish the means to assess progress. Canada is directly involved in national and international processes to assess the(More)
Touch is an important part of emotional communication, but has been studied far less than visual and auditory expressions of affect. We are using the Haptic Creature to investigate fundamentals of affective touch, and demonstrate it here in both an autonomous configuration and with its behavior coupled to a user’s sensed affect. This concept has(More)
Respiratory emergencies are a challenge, both to the patient's life and to the nurse who must deal with the emergency. Regardless of the initiating event, the patient must be assessed and treatment instituted rapidly. Clearing of the airway and breathing are the first two considerations for action in the emergency department's protocol, and in many cases it(More)