Joseph P. Gilmore

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• In experiments undertaken to produce acute hypertension by left stellate ganglion stimulation, it was observed that during such stimulation a diuresis occurred which was not related to changes in mean arterial pressure. In fact, diuresis was sometimes observed in animals in which mean arterial pressure remained the same or declined. During the diuresis, a(More)
Despite extensive investigations of the pulmonary circulation using both in vitro and in vitro preparations, few direct microcirculatory studies have been made. Consequently, the mechanisms involved in the response of the pulmonary microvasculature to changes in oxygen tension remain unclear. The present study represents the first direct observation of the(More)
Kininase II (angiotensin I-converting enzyme) is generally accepted to be the enzyme responsible for the conversion of angiotensin I (A I) to angiotensin II (A II). This study examined the response of the microvasculature of the hamster cheek pouch to the local application of A I, A II, and the renin substrate, tetradecapeptide (TDP). A I and TDP caused a(More)
To study the functional role of the atriorenal reflex in the nonhuman primate, we chronically instrumented six Macaca fascicularis with left atrial snares and left atrial and aortic catheters. After inserting a bladder catheter, we determined hemodynamic and renal responses of the conscious chair-restrained monkey to increased left atrial pressure. In 23(More)