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Water quality data on Se and Fe have been collected since April 2003 in a study area of the lower Arkansas River valley, Colorado. Data were obtained from 19 surface water locations and from 50 ground water monitoring wells using low-flow sampling techniques. GIS mapping and statistical analysis were used to characterize the occurrence, severity, and(More)
  • Timothy K Gates, Luis A Garcia, John W Labadie, Jim To, Valliant, P Lorenz +89 others
  • 2006
For several years, Colorado State University has been documenting flow and water quality conditions in Colorado's Lower Arkansas River Valley with the goal of providing data and models that water users and managers can use to enhance both agriculture and the environment in the Valley. Extensive measurements are being made in the field, and some previously(More)
— We investigate the noise figure (NF) of high-power semiconductor InGaAsP optical amplifiers (SOAs) based on the slab-coupled optical waveguide (SCOW) concept having both ultralow optical confinement (∼ 0.5%) and low optical loss (α i ∼ 0.5 cm −1). At 1550 nm and 5-A current bias, the NF of SCOW amplifier (SCOWA) is 5.5 dB, and the small-signal gain and(More)
In this work, we modified our wafer-scale 3D integration technique, originally developed for Si, to hybridize InP-based image sensor arrays with Si readout circuits. InGaAs image arrays based on the InGaAs layer grown on InP substrates were fabricated in the same processing line as silicon-on-insulator (SOI) readout circuits. The finished 150-mm-diameter(More)
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