Joseph P. Cahill

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The rutting behaviour of bucks in an enclosed population was investigated between 1988 and 1990. A substantial proportion of the matings were observed. After preliminary observations in the 1987 rut we categorised bucks into one of four rutting strategies based mainly on their degree of territoriality. We investigate the effects of age, dominance and mating(More)
Chia, Salvia hispanica L., was well developed into a cultivated crop and an important component of Mesoamerican cultures and nutrition. Early Mesoamerican breeders produced lines with well developed agronomic characteristics including good, uniform seed yield and retention. Seed retention in particular is disadvantageous for survival in the wild. Maize,(More)
Salvia hispanica L, was an important staple Mesoamerican food and medicinal plant in pre-Columbian times. Unlike other Mesoamerican pseudocereal crops such asAmaranthus andChenopodium, it has received comparatively little research attention. An ethnobotanical review of this Mesoamerican crop plantSalvia hispanica has been undertaken to examine changes in(More)
Variation and heritability of seed mass in the Mesoamerican crop chia, Salvia hispanica L. was studied to examine the feasibility of selection for the trait. Genotypic variation in seed mass in wild/cultivated and domesticated accessions of chia from different origins was assessed. Broadsense heritability of seed mass was estimated using variances(More)
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