Joseph O’Keefe

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[1] Predicting the global carbon and water cycle requires a realistic representation of vegetation phenology in climate models. However most prognostic phenology models are not yet suited for global applications, and diagnostic satellite data can be uncertain and lack predictive power. We present a framework for data assimilation of Fraction of(More)
We evaluated the variability of cyanotoxins, water chemistry, and cyanobacteria communities in two hypereutrophic drowned river mouth lakes (Spring Lake and Mona Lake; summer 2006) in west Michigan, USA. Even with considerable geographical and watershed similarity, local variations in nutrient concentrations and environmental factors were found to influence(More)
​—The unpredictability of domestic financial markets negatively affects millions of Americans on a daily basis. This paper proposes a predictive model for volatility in the S&P 500 stock index based on the Elastic Net regression algorithm. For the purposes of this analysis, market volatility is defined as the residual of any day’s average S&P 500 value from(More)
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