Joseph O. Hirschfelder

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No broadband amplifying medium has been demonstrated yet for terahertz radiation. We present simulations showing that laser-aligned molecules can amplify broadband terahertz radiation, allowing high-energy amplification of few-cycle pulses at terahertz frequencies. Coherent transients excited by subpicosecond pulses of terahertz radiation, " J. Dissipative(More)
A simple network of comparators applied to the strip signals of a cathode strip chamber allows quick hit localization to within a halfstrip width, or +/-a quarter-strip. A six-plane chamber with 6.4 mm wide strips was tested in a high-energy muon beam. The chamber was placed behind a 30 cm thick iron block. We show that patterns of hits localized to within(More)
  • Collaboration P L, Achard, O Adriani, M Aguilar-Benitez, M Van Den Akker Ag, J Alcaraz +418 others
  • 2004
The absolute muon flux between 20 and 3000 GeV is measured with the L3 magnetic muon spectrometer for zenith angles ranging from 0 • to 58 •. Due to the large exposure of about 150 m 2 sr d, and the excellent momentum resolution of the L3 muon chambers, a precision of 2.3% at 150 GeV in the vertical direction is achieved. The ratio of positive to negative(More)
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